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Cycling Japan: Exploring on Two Wheels

Exploring On Two Wheels: Cycling Japan

Japan's diverse landscapes, from its bustling urban settings to tranquil countryside, beckon cyclists with promises of adventure. With its well-maintained infrastructure, clear signage, and deeply rooted respect for rules, cycling in Japan offers a unique blend of safety and excitement.

Must-Visit Cycling Paradises


Located just an hour from Tokyo, Kamakura's rich tapestry of temples, shrines, and traditional ambiance makes it a haven for cycling enthusiasts.


Shimanami Kaido:

This 70-km route connects Honshu to Shikoku via breathtaking suspension bridges over the Seto Inland Sea.

Cycling Japan: Exploring on Two Wheels


A seamless blend of history and urban cycling, with temples and traditional tea houses scattered throughout.

Cycling Japan: Exploring on Two Wheels


Offering varied terrains, from coastal paths to mountainous challenges, and cooler riding conditions.

Cycling Japan: Exploring on Two Wheels

Quick Tips for Cycling in Japan:

  • Rentals: Rental cycle stations, often near major train stations, are handy for securing bikes.

  • Stay Left: Just as with driving, in Japan, you cycle on the left side of the road.

  • Mind the Pedestrians: Particularly in urban areas, sidewalks can get crowded. Always be respectful and considerate.

  • Gear Up: Ensure you have essentials like helmets, puncture kits, and hydration for longer rides.

Explore Japan on Two Wheels

Exploring Japan on two wheels offers a deeply immersive experience, bridging the gap between its contemporary allure and timeless beauty. So, embark on a memorable Japanese cycling journey!