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Japan Four Seasons

Seasons In Japan: Japan's Natural Beauty

Japan's natural beauty can be seen all year round, from cherry blossoms to brilliant colors of fall.

Spring: March - May


Spring begins with plum blossoms blooming around the country, the precursor to Japan's famous cherry blossoms in spring. Cherry blossoms are at their peak in Tokyo around the end of March and the beginning of April. Enjoy incredible views of Japan's varied landscapes- cities, mountains, temples, shrines, and gardens- all enveloped in light pink.


Light jackets, light sweaters, with a light coat on top.

Layers work best as it gets warm during the day but it can still be very chilly at night.

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Summer: June - August/September

Sanja Matsuri

The Japanese summer begins in June with a three to four week rainy season. This is actually one of the best times for festivals, though, because it is such an important season for rice planting. As an added bonus, travel can be cheaper because of the weather, and tourist spots will be less crowded, too. It is staggeringly hot and humid from July, August, and usually even through September. Many Japanese enjoy bathing in the sea and relaxing at cool resorts in the north of Japan and in the mountains.


Light clothes, rain boots, ponchos/umbrellas.

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Autumn: September/October - November

Kiyomizu Temple

Autumn in Japan begins in different places in different times within Japan. In the north, it comes sooner, but in major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, you'll find that September brings some respite from summer but that it is still hot and humid. When fall does come, though, the colors are beautiful, surrounding Japan's unique architecture and landscape in a shock of brilliant yellow, orange, and red.


Light jackets, light sweaters and other similar kinds of tops.

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Winter: December - February

Sapporo Snow Festival

Winter in Japan can be very, very cold. While there isn't much snow in many parts of the country, central and northern Japan have some of the world's best powder snow that's perfect for winter sports.


Coats, sweaters, thick socks.

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