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Must Go City Discover Morioka

Morioka, a charming city nestled in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture, was recently hailed by The New York Times as one of the 52 must-visit destinations for 2023. For those with a love of culture, history, and nature, this vibrant city offers a perfect blend of all three, all within a walkable distance.

Craftsmanship at Morioka Handmade Village

Immerse yourself in Morioka's artisan spirit at the Handmade Village. Here, traditional crafts come to life in the hands of seasoned craftsmen. Engage in hands-on workshops, savor local food and sweets, and admire the intricate products that speak of Morioka's rich heritage.

Morioka Handmade Village

Tsunagi Onsen: A Retreat for the Soul

The Tsunagi Onsen, with its six wellsprings, is a haven for relaxation. Even in the crisp Iwate winters, the warmth of the sulfur-rich waters envelops visitors, offering them a unique outdoor bathing experience. Revered for its health benefits, the spring’s waters are a blend of nature's best—promoting circulation, aiding metabolism, and nourishing the skin.

Tsunagi Onsen

Historical Landmarks

Morioka Castle Ruins Park is a testament to Morioka’s storied past. Experience the city’s seasonal beauty, from cherry blossoms in spring to the captivating hues of autumn leaves. As winter blankets the park, the lit-up Ishigaki stones provide a whimsical touch to the snowy landscape.

A stone's throw away is the Morioka Hachimangu. This 300-year-old Shinto shrine, comprising nearly 18 buildings, stands as a spiritual sanctuary for both residents and visitors.

Morioka Hachimangu

Gastronomic Delights

A visit to Morioka would be incomplete without savoring Wanko soba noodles at Azumaya, a restaurant established in 1908. Revel in the local tradition as you challenge yourself to consume bowl after bowl of these delicious noodles.

Wanko Soba

Architectural Marvels

The Bank of Iwate's iconic red brick building, reminiscent of Tokyo Station’s design, dates back to 1911. This cultural property invites visitors to explore its interiors, preserving a slice of Morioka's architectural history.

Not far off, Nanshoso beckons with its historical structures and picturesque gardens. The reflection of the surrounding beauty on the shiny floors of the "Nanshono-ma" room offers a mesmerizing sight.

Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building

Nature's Touch

Morioka's essence is captured in the Nakatsugawa river that courses through it. Whether you're observing sweetfish fishing in summer or awaiting the salmon's autumnal upstream journey, the river remains a constant reminder of Morioka's deep connection to nature.


Discover Morioka

Morioka is a city that marries the old with the new, nature with urban life, and tradition with innovation. A must-visit destination, it promises an experience that lingers long after the journey ends.