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(大阪 Oh-sah-kah)

Culinary Delights and Neon Lights

Osaka, the heart of Japan's Kansai region, is famed for its food, history, and vibrant nightlife. Known as "Japan's Kitchen," it offers dishes like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Landmarks include Osaka Castle, Tsutenkaku Tower, and Universal Studios Japan. The lively Dotonbori area is perfect for experiencing the city's neon-lit nightlife and dynamic culture. Explore more >

Captivating Facts


A bustling area known for its vibrant nightlife, Dotonbori is lined with restaurants and shops. Iconic neon signs like the Glico Man and the giant crab create a lively atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy local specialties and stroll along the Dotonbori River promenade.