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(石川 Ee-shee-kah-wah)

Crafts and Castles in the Cultured Ishikawa.

Ishikawa Prefecture, located in Japan's Hokuriku region, is known for its rich natural beauty and deep historical roots. The capital, Kanazawa, boasts beautiful Japanese gardens like Kenrokuen, and modern cultural attractions such as the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Visitors can explore traditional townscapes in the Higashi Chaya District, relax in renowned hot springs like Wakura Onsen, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Noto Peninsula. Ishikawa's local markets, festivals, and crafts reflect its vibrant culture. Explore more >

Gardens, Geishas, and Coastal Drives

Kenrokuen Garden

One of Japan’s most celebrated gardens, Kenrokuen in Kanazawa spans 11.7 hectares and embodies the "Six Beauties" of landscape design: vastness, serenity, artificiality, antiquity, water features, and scenic views. Each season offers stunning scenery, from spring cherry blossoms to autumn foliage and winter’s unique snow suspension displays.