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(茨城 Ee-bah-rah-kee)

Where Nature Meets Innovation

Ibaraki Prefecture blends scenic beauty with cutting-edge science and technology. From the serene landscapes of Mount Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura to the historic Kairakuen Garden famed for its plum blossoms, Ibaraki offers a unique mix of natural and scientific exploration. Tsukuba City stands at the forefront of research and development, making Ibaraki a bridge between Japan's past and its future. Explore more >

Captivating Facts

Hitachi Seaside Park

Famous for its vast fields of baby blue eyes (nemophila), the park transforms into a stunning blue carpet each spring, drawing visitors worldwide. Seasonal blooms continue throughout the year with cosmos in autumn and sunflowers in summer, complemented by recreational areas perfect for family outings.

Baby Blue Eyes