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Mt.Fuji View-Lake Yamanaka

Love Nature Excursions? Mt.Fuji View-Lake Yamanaka

Yamanakako is in a lake region located in Yamanashi prefecture about two hours by bus from Shinjuku Bus terminal. Taxi options in and around Kawaguchiko train station are also available and are very convenient options, preferable to buses. Yamanakako lake is the closest lake to Mt.Fuji and is approximately 14km around.

Lake Yamanaka

I highly recommend this area for its beautiful nature, hiking and biking trails around the lake, year-round camping options and it's welcoming local flavor and thick cut Hot noodle dishes famous in the area. Mt.Fuji's proximity is gorgeous year round whether you’re a day tripper or a winter outdoor camper.

Mt.Fuji View-Lake Yamanaka

Oh!! Have you ever read or heard about "Temple of the Golden Pavilion" by Yukio Mishima? If you have an hour or two, Lake Yamanakako is home to the official Yukio Mishima library and museum. Mishima is a renowned literary figure and one of giants of Japanese novel culture.

Overall, Lake Yamanakako is a wonderful year-round side trip from Tokyo and highly recommended for its relaxing vibe. Let's take the road less traveled and get out in nature!

Oshino Hakkai

Mt.Fuji View-Lake Yamanaka

If you have 24 to 36 hours, an additional side trip from Lake Yamanakako would be the world cultural heritage assets, and the famous crystalline water pools that remain of the previously abundant Lake Oshino called Oshino Hakkai. Sourced from Mt. Fuji’s underground water springs that have been filtered through layers of lava over the decades resulting in purified water that is both clean to drink and wonderfully translucent. In 2007, it was selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan by the Environmental Agency.

Mt.Fuji View-Lake Yamanaka

With beautiful views of the surrounding mountain landscape and its natural beauty seasonally year-round, it's no wonder Oshino Hakkai is beloved by both Japanese and travelers from abroad.

To Oshino Hokkai it's only a 10-12min bus ride from Yamankako lake side by local bus station. Or for those looking to travel by Taxi, it is merely a ¥2500 ride away.