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Tokyo To Shin-Aomori On Tohoku Shinkansen

Traveling On Bullet Train

Our staff's travel blog. This time, our staff shares her travel experience from Tokyo to Shin Aomori, using the Tohoku Shinkansen line, the longest bullet train line in Japan, 674 km (419 miles) long in total. In this article, you will learn basic information about bullet train and ticket classes, where to buy shinkansen tickets, etc.

Basic Information about Bullet Trains in Japan

The Shinkansen (also known as the bullet train), is a network of high-speed railway lines which is operated by JR (Japan Railway).

The Shinkansen offers seats in two classes; ordinary and green. All shinkansen offer ordinary seats which are the regular seats. It provides general comfort and a generous amount of legroom. The green car offers larger seats and more legroom than the ordinary seats. Green cars are a little more expensive but are usually less crowded, therefore quieter.

Most Shinkansens offer both non-reserved and reserved seats. All seats in the Green Cars are reserved. Some Shinkansens only carry reserved seats like Hayabusa, Hayate, and Komachi trains. Advance reservations are necessary for these reserved seats but will only cost a few hundred yen as a fee.

Where to Buy Shinkansen Tickets

Tickets for the Shinkansen can be purchased through the JR ticketing offices (Midori no Madoguchi), the Travel service center (View Plaza), or the ticket vending machines located at stations. A Shinkansen ticket contains several fees; the base fare and the Shinkansen supplement. The base fare is the basic fare to be paid to get to your destination. The Shinkansen supplement is the fee for using the Shinkansen. Those tickets are provided as two separate tickets. Seat reservation fees and green car fees may also be applied based on your request.

Where to Buy Shinkansen Tickets Online

(Updated: December 2021)

Starting on June 27, 2021, JR-EAST started offering an online reservation service

For more information, please visit JR-EAST Train Reservation press release.

Shin Aomori Station

Time to Travel! After purchasing your ticket

  1. Pass through the regular ticket gate. You insert only your base fare ticket into the ticket slot to pass the gate. Don’t forget to pick up your ticket after you pass the gate.

  2. Follow the sign and make your way towards the Shinkansen platforms.

  3. Pass the Shinkansen ticket gate. This time, you insert your base ticket and supplement ticket together into the ticket slot. You also need to pick up both tickets after you pass.

  4. The overhead electronic display will show the upcoming train departures and their platform numbers. Find your platform number and access your platform.

  5. Find displays on your platform (on the ground or over your head) that indicate which cars are reserved and non-reserved. Find your car according to your ticket.

  6. Find your seats if you have a reserved seat. Seats are numbered and lettered in the same style as on airplanes.

  7. You will arrive at your destination.

Train Station Entrance

Train Station Entrance

Japan Travel Trivia

What is the longest bullet train line in Japan?

The Tohoku Shinkansen connects Tokyo and Aomori prefecture in a route length of 674 km (419 miles) which is the longest Shinkansen line in Japan.

Japan Travel Tips

Get a local lunch-box sold at major stations

It's always nice to have a meal during your Shinkansen ride. Boxed lunches are sold at any major station, and there are tons to choose from. Try purchasing one for yourself, and enjoy the local taste while enjoying the views pass by.

Souvenir Vendors

Souvenir vendors at a train station - You can usually find local products at these booths.

Wrote by: Yoshimi Uemura, on May 25, 2017

Edited & Posted by: Nana Jitsukawa, on October 11, 2021