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Suntory Yamasaki Distillery

Suntory's Yamazaki Whisky Distillery

An Eponymous Whisky Journey of a Lifetime

Discover Suntory’s Yamazaki Distillery near Kyoto. Explore its rich history, whisky-making process, and enjoy a tasting session.

The House of Suntory has been a pioneer in crafting fine Japanese whisky since 1923. Founded by Shinjiro Torii, the company was built on the dream of enriching the lives of the Japanese people. Torii's choice of the Yamazaki area was inspired by its soft water, unique climate, and beautiful seasons—all contributing to the distinctive character of Suntory whiskies.

Shinjiro Torii realized his vision of creating an original Japanese whisky blessed by Japan's nature and 'monozukuri' craftsmanship. Today, this vision endures as The House of Suntory continues to honor Japanese culture in every bottle, showcasing the richness of Japan to the world.

The Yamazaki Distillery

Suntory Yamasaki Distillery

Nestled in the Yamazaki district near Kyoto, the distillery is surrounded by nature, known for its quality water—a crucial element for great whisky. Here, the entire whisky production process, from distillation to aging, takes place. The distillery welcomes both Japanese and international tourists for tours and museum visits.

Entrance to the Yamazaki Whisky Museum

The Yamazaki Whisky Museum introduces visitors to Suntory’s history, founder Shinjiro Torii, and its products. The museum's second floor explains the whisky distillation process with miniature models, while English descriptions make it accessible to all visitors. The ground floor houses a whisky library with a variety of whiskies in different shades.

Whisky Library

Suntory Yamasaki Distillery

The distillation process can be viewed on guided tours, which provide access to otherwise restricted areas. The tour progresses through the mashing area, fermentation washbacks, and large pot stills, concluding with a visit to the warehouse where whiskies mature. The tour ends with a tasting session, explaining the differences between single malt whiskies and how to enjoy them. Tours typically last around 80 minutes, and visitors can explore the museum before or after their tour.

More About Suntory's Whiskies and Spirits

Suntory Yamasaki Distillery
  • Craft Philosophy

Suntory spirits embody the harmony between Japanese nature and people, establishing their craft as an art form.

  • A Delicate Balance

The delicate forces of Japanese nature meet the precision of its artisans. The interplay between nature's magnificence and the subtleties of the seasons, along with the artisans' dedication, results in a whisky that speaks to the soul.

  • Harmony with Nature

Suntory whiskies reflect a deep respect for nature, drawing inspiration from its abundance, transience, and diversity.

  • The Art of Blending

For nearly a century, Suntory has excelled in the art of blending whisky, combining heritage and innovation passed down through generations. This tradition is evident in their diverse whisky-making techniques and the exceptional skill of their master blenders.

Suntory Whisky Craft

Suntory’s whisky-making artisanship is rooted in five key concepts: pristine water, the soul of the place, Japan's four seasons, cask aging, and a diverse array of products, all brought together by a team of master blenders.

Buy Souvenirs at the Shop

The Yamazaki distillery gift shop offers products made from maturation barrel materials, including limited editions and unique whiskies. Due to high demand, stock availability may vary.

Note: Tours are limited and tickets are available via a lottery system. For more information, visit Suntory Yamazaki Distillery.

Suntory Yamasaki Distillery

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