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Japan's Theme Parks Journal With JR Pass

Hi there! Our client, John shared his experience with JR Pass last November. John loves theme parks and video games. The purpose of this 7 days Japan trip was to visit Japanese theme parks and meet friends in Japan. Since hotels were more economical for long-term stays, he booked a hotel in Tokyo for 7 days. Also, he purchased an ordinary 7 days JR Pass.




Narita airport - Tokyo

Arrived at Narita Airport. Took the train to Kichijoji, Tokyo. Enjoyed the Ghibli Museum, then stayed at a hotel in Kichijoji.


Tokyo - Shizuoka - Tokyo

Tasted a local specialty, grilled eels in Shizuoka with his friends. Then returned to Tokyo by the bullet train.


Tokyo - Osaka - Tokyo

Spent the whole day at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Enjoyed a new attraction area, Super Nintendo World.



Tokyo - Mie - Aichi - Tokyo

Met up with his friends in Mie and enjoyed Nagashima Spa land. Then, took the bullet train to Aichi to have dinner with his old friends.




Had lunch with his friend in Tokyo. Decided at the last minute to go to Tokyo Disneyland in the evening.




Visited Asakusa Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan. Enjoyed a haunted house and roller coasters as much as possible. Then, went to Akihabara to buy Japanese video games.



Tokyo - Shizuoka - Narita airport

Went to see his friend in Shizuoka once again. After lunch, head for Narita airport.

How much did he save on this Japan trip?

If purchase individual bullet train tickets in Japan (Feb. 2023): 

Day2: Tokyo - Shizuoka - Tokyo: ¥12,540

Day3: Tokyo - Osaka - Tokyo: ¥29,040

Day4: Tokyo - Aichi - Tokyo: ¥22,200

Day7: Tokyo - Shizuoka: ¥6,270

Total: ¥70,050 ($537.99)

Bullet train one way ordinary February Rate Ordinarly 7 Days Pass:

¥33,610 ($258.12)

He saved $279.87! (Other regular train fares were also discounted!)

A word from John:

With JR Pass, I was able to explore various areas in every direction with big discounts! Since my travel time was limited, I didn't have to buy tickets at stations every time so JR Pass could save my time and money a lot.

How to buy the JR Pass?

You can purchase the JR Pass tickets with Amnet before coming to Japan!

After arrival in Japan, exchange the voucher for an actual pass at the selected ticketing office of the JR station.