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4 Types of Japan Hotels And Accommodations

A good night's rest can help you explore more tomorrow. Your accommodations are more than just a place to sleep. How will you want to remember your trip? Japan has a range of accommodations.

1. Hotel


Western-style hotels (hotels that we're used to in the Americas and Europe) in Japan often tend to have smaller rooms and/or smaller beds than you might expect.

If you are planning to share beds with your child, we recommend you find out the width of your bed from the hotel website- or ask us about your hotel before booking!

2. Ryokan


A ryokan is a Japanese-style inn, where all rooms have tatami (bamboo mat) floors, with futon bedding. Guests put the bedding directly onto the tatami and sleep at floor level.

At least one meal is usually included in the price of the ryokan. Most places usually have a private shower or bathroom in the guest room, but one of the best parts of staying in a ryokan is the public bath/natural hot spring (onsen).

3. Minsyuku


A minshuku is a local family-operated bed and breakfast that almost functions like a homestay. You will be able to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and interact with locals as well.

Minshuku is especially recommended for low-budget travelers. Something to be aware of, though, is that in some minshuku the guest and the host would share a bathroom. Whether the bathroom is shared with the family or not depends on the minshuku.

4. Capsule Hotel


Capsule hotels are a unique experience in Japan! It was originally designed for businessmen working or entertaining late into the evening.

This is why most capsule hotels are located in city centers. Most users are men, but some hotels have separated sections for women.

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