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Hotel New Otani Sakura

Hotel New Otani Tokyo: A Total Of Nine Stars From Forbes Travel Guide

The genesis of Hotel New Otani Tokyo dates back to 1962, ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Founded by Yonetaro Otani, the hotel emerged in response to Japan's need for world-class accommodation. Nestled in Kioicho, near the Imperial Palace, it stands as a symbol of Japan's commitment to hospitality and tourism excellence, proudly upholding the vision of being the finest hotel in the Orient.

An Emblem of Prestige

Throughout the years, Hotel New Otani has consistently received international acclaim for its impeccable service and operational excellence. Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2022, the hotel has achieved remarkable recognition from Forbes Travel Guide. EXECUTIVE HOUSE ZEN, a part of the hotel, has been honored with Five-Star for four consecutive years, while “The Main” has consistently earned a Four-Star rating for three consecutive years as of 2023 (Forbes Travel Guide). With this achievement, Hotel New Otani Tokyo stands as the only hotel in Japan to receive both five and four stars at a single facility, a shining beacon of hospitality excellence.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

It has been the preferred choice for hosting summit meetings and dignitaries, testament to its status as a premier destination for the world's VIPs. The hotel continually enhances its reputation as a leading international hotel, offering guests an experience steeped in luxury and comfort.

Luxurious Accommodations

Hotel New Otani Tokyo: A Total of Nine Stars from Forbes Travel Guide

The Main building houses 556 elegantly designed rooms, including 21 suites, where simplicity meets elegance. These rooms offer guests the chance to bask in the beauty of the hotel's renowned gardens.

The suites, whether modern Japanese or traditional tatami-styled, offer serene views of the Japanese Garden and are adorned with ikebana arrangements, adding to the cultural richness.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo: A Total of Nine Stars from Forbes Travel Guide

Culinary Delights at the Hotel's Restaurants

Hotel New Otani Tokyo is a culinary paradise, boasting an array of exquisite dining options. From traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine to international flavors, the hotel's restaurants cater to all palates.

The property’s most famous restaurant, Tour d’Argent Tokyo, is a Parisian institution dating back to 1582. This French fine dining venue is adorned with period pieces, shimmering chandeliers, and classical French furnishings.

Hotel New Otani is also known for its pancakes – thick, fluffy hotcakes. The New Otani Shop, the hotel’s boutique, even sells packets of the popular pancake mix for guests to take home.

Cherry Blossoms and Elegance

Hotel New Otani Tokyo: A Total of Nine Stars from Forbes Travel Guide

For those visiting Japan during cherry blossom season, Hotel New Otani offers a particularly enchanting experience. Its proximity to some of Tokyo's best sakura viewing spots, combined with its own splendid garden views, makes it an ideal choice for luxury travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms.

Beyond a Stay: History, Luxury, and Sakura

Hotel New Otani Tokyo: A Total of Nine Stars from Forbes Travel Guide

Hotel New Otani Tokyo is more than just a stay; it's an encounter with Japan's rich history, a tryst with modern luxury, and a gateway to the nation’s most celebrated natural phenomenon – the cherry blossoms.

It is a destination that promises not just a visit but an experience, leaving guests with memories as enduring as its own legacy.

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