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Luxury A5 Wagyu Beef

Tokyo’s Ultimate Ramen Experience



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-Ramen: Tokyo's most expensive ramen w/ A5 rank roasted wagyu beef & other ingredients listed in NOTE

-Sides: Foie gras, Moromi (fermented sake paste), green citrus

Not Included

- Transportations

Indulge in Tokyo's lavish ramen: A5 Wagyu, truffle oil, gold flakes.

Tokyo’s most expensive ramen at an award-winning restaurant? Created with the finest A5 wagyu beef, truffle oil, gold flakes, & beyond, this bowl is one in a million.


Tokyo's most expensive ramen is a byFood exclusive, designed in collaboration with Marue Chuka Soba.

Score a seat at this esteemed ramen restaurant that has earned the prestigious Tabelog Award, ranking among the top tier of 840,000 restaurants listed in Japan.

Indulge in a luxurious bowl of ramen featuring A5 wagyu beef, truffle oil, gold flakes, & more.

Feast your eyes on the ramen-making process as a prestigious chef assembles the bowl in front of your very eyes.

This specialty ramen is made without chemical seasonings & features high-quality domestic ingredients.

What To Expect

Once your reservation is confirmed, let the $100 ramen games begin! Sip and savor the broth; a rich and decadent concoction created from the essence of wagyu bone and tail, complemented by naturally brewed soy sauce. Using wagyu tail in this way is extremely rare in Japan, so consider yourself in a group of a select few to experience this flavor and method of cooking.

The thick, handmade noodles are aged for two days and are crafted from glutinous wheat flour. The chef's mesmerizing noodle-making process unfolds right before your eyes, from cutting the noodles and boiling them to assembling the premium toppings.

The pièce de résistance of this extravagant ramen, however, is the succulent A5 wagyu beef. Sourced daily from the highest-rated butcher in town, the chef skillfully prepares the meat in two delectable styles: juicy steak and tender sukiyaki. A perfectly cooked egg with a gooey, vibrant orange yolk crown the dish. It's drizzled with truffle oil and adorned with gold flakes, making it one of the most beautiful bowls of ramen in the world.

Ramen Toppings

A5-ranked wagyu steak (200g) OR wagyu marbled sukiyaki (100g)
Wagyu beef bone & wagyu tail soup
Oyster-based soy sauce
Truffle oil
Custom-made ramen noodles
Bonito flakes
Sauteed white asparagus
Gold flakes
Additional side toppings:
Foie gras
Moromi (a fermented sake paste)
Green citrus

Tokyos Most Extravagant Ramen
Tokyos Most Extravagant Ramen


Marue Chuka Soba
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Marue Chuka Soba

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

〒170-0002 Tokyo, Toshima City, Sugamo, 1 Chome−14−1 Purato saka 1FL

The meeting point is the restaurant; located a short walk from Sugamo Station.


No Accommodation


Meal Requests

  • Please let us know of any food restrictions prior to booking.

Cancel Policy

  • If the cancellation is made at least 72 hours before the start time of the experience (Japan local time), you can receive a refund, but the transaction fee will be deducted.

  • $20pp Booking fee which is included the price is non refundable.

  • The price may change according to the exchange rate.


  • Please arrive on time; if you’re more than 15 minutes late, it will be treated as a cancellation.

  • Please don’t take pictures in front of the ramen shop, as it may cause problems due to it’s proximity to a Love Hotel.

  • You can take pictures of the ramen itself & the inside of the shop/kitchen, but be mindful not to include other guests if doing so.

  • When there are others waiting, please be mindful of this and understand that we cannot accommodate an extended stay at the restaurant.

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